Whether you are representing a large company with complicated needs, a small start-up preparing for take-off or you are just an individual trying to chart your own territory on the net, we can help you achieve your goals. Take a look at the services listed below and choose what best describes your requirements. If you need something that is not exactly a static website, an e-commerce or an ERP, we can still help with experience-backed ideas. Contact us and we will discuss your individual web solution.

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A Small Website

If you are a person whose work is mostly out there in the real world but you need online presence as well - we've got you covered! Portfolio websites, Blogs, Service pages, any kind of lightweight website you need - we can build it for you and either manage it, or make it easy for you to manage on your own.

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An Online Store

Are you a budding entrepreneur? We are here to empower your success! We can build your e-commerce website but we can do so much more than that! We can set up your whole work environment - live chat and phone contact, stock management and courier API integrations on a small and large scale.

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You already have an app or website but you want to improve it by integrating other products or services with it. We can do that for you! Stock Modules, Courier Systems, AI Chat Bots and basically anything with an API. Or if you just want your website to show the number of your followers on TikTok - leave it to us.

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New Features

You already have an awesome web product but you want to make it even more awesome by adding new features to it? We are itching to help you develop your ideas! We might give you some more ideas on how to make it even better with simple scripts and automations.

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A Virtual Work Space

You are a company looking to improve the workflow in your team? We can set up an easy-to-use virtual work environment within which all resources can be planned and managed in the most efficient way.

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You paid someone for a project and you clicked something and now it's not working? Don't panic! We're here to fix it for you! You need to update something? Yeah, we can set you up with the latest version.

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An Individual Solution

We offer personalized solutions for everyone whose needs don't fit the mold. Get in touch and tell us what you need. We will work on it with you and help with ideas.