About Us

We at Weburz are an international bunch of people who got together to work on a project where we each assume responsibility for tasks that we are good at. We like each other, we like what we do and more often than not, we end up becoming friends with our clients. Here you can learn a bit more about the main characters on the team.

Our Team

Sagar KapoorSagar(Sagar Kapoor)

"All that your hand and strength can do, do."

Responsible for: Communication and administration

Sagar is the glue that holds the company together. A full stack developer with a degree in Digital Marketing and an incredible sense of integrity - what could be more useful than that? He is the actual bridge between the human and the tech worlds. A stickler for rules, he is going to make sure that everything is done in a way that breaks no law, written or not. He is quick to understand and very easy to talk to, which is why we’ve elected him to be the person who leads the communication with clients.

Somraj SahaJarmos(Somraj Saha)

"Computers are fast but dumb, humans are slow but brilliant."

Responsible for: Development teams

Jarmos is the Alpha Geek of the company. He is always on the hunt for technological innovations and is obsessed with writing clean code. He requires no less from everyone else, holding us all to the highest standard. He brings years of experience as a professional developer who has worked on many different projects. As an added bonus, he has education in Economics which makes him especially relevant when working with businesses from various industries. When he is not writing code, he is either improving someone else’s code or contributing to open-source projects for the benefit of humanity.

Magdalena BozukovaMagsy(Magdalena Bozukova)

"If you want to be happy - be!"

Responsible for: Communication and SEO

An integral part of the team, Magsy is the person to communicate with concerning all things related to business enterprises. She has education in Digital Marketing and years of experience in E-commerce. Being acquainted with the pain points of businesses, she is well equipped to quickly deduce the finer requirements often at just a glance. As a person who enjoys the process of creation and collaboration, she will make sure that your project is done as neatly as possible and in the most SEO-friendly way.

Anton SokoloffUkan(Anton Sokoloff)

"Favourite quotes are for nerds."

Responsible for: Making things look nice

Ukan is our artist and a whole other level of geek - he sees things that are invisible to the untrained eye. You can give him two almost identical shades of green and he will determine one to be “disgusting” while the other is going to be just “perfect”. He is the kind of person who instead of ignoring advertisements like the rest of us, pays detailed attention to them and always notices if the composition is a bit out of balance or if they are using custom-made fonts. His dedication to perfectionism can get annoying but that’s exactly the kind of person you would want working on your project. Outside of work he is quite a colorful guy - his hobbies include herpetology, character design and inventing his own games.